Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am a SLACKER!!!

I love vacation! The food, relaxation, no need to clean, cook or do laundry. I love the smiles on my kids faces as we find exciting things to do.

What is the one part of vacation I absolutely hate??? PACKING! And knowing how much I hate packing you would think that I would have started before today (we are leaving at 6:30 tonight) AND that I would be packing right now instead of playing on Facebook and Blogger. I just can't help it, I am a self proclaimed slacker! I have most everything together (and by most I mean I have the kids stuff on their beds) and our stuff in a suitcase. But, I still have to pack the diaper bag, snacks for the road, toys for the beach and house, toiletries, towels (which I have yet to find, don't you love it when you clean and forget where you put something?) and tons more. One word for my day so far...STRESSED! Yes, I know that if I had started early this week I would be able to relax today buuuuut things rarely work out like that. So here I am, playing on the computer and complaining about how much I have to do. Time for me to get to work!

Hope you have a great weekend, I know I will!


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