Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks...

Or maybe just a funnel cake!!

I recently went to a Yankees/Orioles game in Baltimore MD.  I had been to one before but it has to be at least 8 years.  I was raised an Orioles fan (my Mom...OBSESSED with Cal Ripken) but married into a Yankees crazed family which puts me in the middle of all kinds of teasing and bantering.  My Mom has what I consider a deep hatred for the Yankees so I hate to say this, I kinda like them (Shhhhhhh....don't let her know!).

I couldn't believe how many Yankees fans were at the game.  For every Orioles fan we saw I think there were 10 Yankees fans...kinda sad considering we were at Camden Yards.  The food was excellent (but a little expensive), nothing better than munching on nachos, french fries and funnel cake while watching a game.  And no, I didn't go just to eat!!

I will say though, there was a lot going on in the stands while the game was going on.  It actually made it difficult to want to watch the game.  The "beer man" was constantly yelling in my ear, there were people up and down in front of us and there was a group of guys who were seat hopping the whole time.

Best part of the whole game was watching the guys stretch ;)  I think they purposefully bend over in front of you, and I don't mind it one bit!

Remember to get out and there and support your local teams, they will appreciate it!  If you live in Baltimore, please get out to an Orioles game it really is a great way to spend an evening. 


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  1. I am a Yankees fan...but it is really just because of my love for Derek Jeter. :) Baseball to me isn't all that exciting to watch all the way through.

    Sounds like you had a great time!